Let’s make recyclable recycled

We have created an alternative circular chain for recycling 3D printed PLA: make recyclable recycled.

3D printing, however virtuous, is not a waste-free process. PLA waste, in particular, has no place in traditional recycling chains even though PLA is a compostable material (under certain conditions). In fact, the thickness of 3D printed objects does not allow the waste to biodegrade in the same way that a PLA cup would, with its negligible thickness. However, if the waste is sorted into plastic, it is destined to be incinerated: a bio-based, recyclable material is thus wasted and its valuable properties lost.

Since our inception in 2018, we have never thrown away our waste with the aim of giving it back to life when we had the chance. In March 2020, we finally set up a recycling system that could work not only for our waste, but also for that of other labs and institutions that like us print and consider sustainability a key value for them. If you want to know more about our project, we made un video per raccontarlo e vedere la storia del nostro prodotto Velaskello.

A marzo 2020 è nato un network che collect and recycle the waste nel nostro laboratorio per renderli stampabili nuovamente: make recyclable recycled.

Schema raccolta e riciclo PLA. Circularity: making recyclable recycled
Schema raccolta e riciclo PLA.
Scarti PLA. Circularity: making recyclable recycled

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Da Marzo 2020 abbiamo raccolto e riciclato:

1092,956 kg
of PLA

l’equivalente di 218591
capsule di caffè

Capsule di caffè. Circularity: making recyclable recycled

173 km
of filament

like Milan-Turin
one way

Mole Antonelliana e Duomo di Milano Circularity: making recyclable recycled

273 ore
of granulation

like watching the Il Signore degli Anelli 30 volte

Anello del Signore degli Anelli Circularity: making recyclable recycled

Con questi scarti realizziamo progetti e i nostri prodotti, i Velaskelli.

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