Deriva is a set of furnishing accessories designed by Edoardo Trombin and Arian Brajkovic consisting of a coffee table and two stools, made in 3d print with PLA regenerated from production waste.

The project is inspired by driftwoods, the wooden trunks typical of tropical landscapes that reach the sea from the rivers decorating the beaches with their bizarre shapes sculpted by water and wind. The process used to make Deriva is the 3d printing, with which it was possible to produce each object in a single piece, minimizing the amount of material needed for production and eliminating any waste. The grain of the wood that characterizes the collection has been determined by the typical processing of 3d printing that is the overlapping of layers. The result is therefore not premeditated, but is the result of the process that has made each piece unique.

The material used is PLA or polylactic acid, a bioplasty generated from corn starch. The Deriva collection uses PLA from food packaging industry production waste, 3d printer filament waste and PLA waste.

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