Leonardo Da Vinci.






On the occasion of the Cinquecentenary of Leonardo da Vinci's death, Leonardo's Horse is the protagonist of a great valorisation project: the Leonardo House Project, conceived by Snaitech with the curatorship of Massimo Temporelli and Cristina Morozzi. The project saw the participation of 13 international artists in the decoration of 13 design horses, taking inspiration from the original exhibited at the Hippodrome in Milan.

«Mine wasn't meant to be an interpretation by adding layers or bulging it with decoration and colours: I wanted to keep the work as it is and make a sort of self-portrait with it. So, if I see myself with Leonardo, I see myself in his shadow as a little magician, a boy who can do some tricks, who tries to do well. So for the opera I climbed on the horse and dressed like a little wizard pulling a rabbit out of a hat.»

Marcel Wanders

For this project, Superforma was responsible for the realization of the scale reproduction of the figure of Marcel Wanders. The statue, which has a height of about 60 cm, was made in mixed media: 3D filament print (FDM) for the body and 3D sinter print (SLS) for the head, where a high fidelity of details was required. The parts were subsequently post-produced by Innscena, which was responsible for making the statue depicting the designer hyper-realistic.

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