No Fog Mask.


No Fog Mask is a new protection system for Paintball and Airsoft that prevents fogging of the lenses or, when it occurs, removes it without the need to remove the protection itself. The project was developed by Riccardo Cernetti in collaboration with Tensa Industrial Design, while SuperForma was responsible for the prototype.

The emerging sports of Paintball and Airsoft require protective equipment for the face and eyes, but these are subject to a common problem: fogging. This problem is particularly urgent because not only does its occurrence make the sport unfeasible, but above all because the common solution, which consists of removing the protection and cleaning it, is in these sports extremely dangerous because of the possibility, at any moment, of being hit and receiving serious damage to the eyes and face.

On a functional level, the product guarantees protection of the eye area by means of goggles, the presence of a protection zone for the lower part of the face, the separability of these two parts, the isolation of the breathing zone and the connection of the two parts by means of valves, the reduction of the mask profile in the cheek area.

No Fog Mask combines a profoundly technical aesthetic with a formal component that makes it pleasant and elegant yet aggressive in its features. The aesthetics take their cue from the military environment, which is recalled not only by the various colour shades of the parts, which belong to the palettes commonly associated with the military environment, but also by the ABS front parts: the different coloured dots are reminiscent of the variations in camouflage and camo colours, classic military equipment.

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