Sbinben x TensiNet.


SBINBEN x TensiNet is an installation consisting of six dynamic panels made by printing 3D patterns on pre-elasticized fabrics. SBINBEN x TensiNet is part of a multidisiplinary project developed at Alta Scuola Politecnica and prototyped at TensiNet conference, with the collaboration of Superforma.

SBINBEN is made using structural plastic, in order to selectively inhibit the retraction of elastic fibers and thus generate planar distortions and complex but predictable surface curvatures. The result are products with aesthetic and structural characteristics that can be found in nature, with potential applications in many fields from architecture to fashion design.

The process starts with a two-dimensional pattern that is printed on a tensioned sheet. When the fabric is loosened, the pattern becomes three-dimensional and structurally rigid.

Design and prototyping:

Timothy Austin Liddell

in collaboration with:
Isabella Flore
Mahsa Bohlooli Zamani
Nina Romanova

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