Barros Seminar.



SO Sarpi



The Barros Seminar was an event proposed by SO Sarpi and hosted by Superforma, where the Peruvian artist Cindy Valdez showed how to work with natural raw materials such as local clay. Through a mixture enriched with aloe vera, the consistency of the clay was improved and made 3D printable. The products are the result of Cindy Valdez's research work and are inspired by the geometry of traditional Palestinian embroidery, transformed into 3D digital models.

By combining natural materials with traditional craftsmanship, culture is interpreted with modern 3D design techniques. Superforma has provided a theoretical and technical overview to understand the processes of 3D printing technique with clay.

«Barros is a Spanish word meaning clay, and clay was one of my first toys during my childhood. I was born in a small village in Peru and spent the first four years at my grandparents' home. This house was a mud house. The time I was experimenting with clay inspired me to present my project Barros.» Cindy Valdez

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