TECHNĒ, a project by Chiara Giusti, establishes an unprecedented approach to the development of clothing, experimenting with a new Additive Manufacturing technique: special 3D FDM printers deposit TPU at high temperatures on tensioned jersey samples which, when released, deform into complex three-dimensional textures and geometries. The project was developed with the fabrication support of SuperForma, and the fabrics by Sensitive® Fabrics by Eurojersey, Gaetano Rossini and Coim.

The objective of TECHNĒ is to make 3D printing both structural and comfortable, and to place it within the Italian context, among technical industrial textiles, handmade fabrics, sustainable materials and processes, creating hybrids, in a mix of tradition and innovation. Therefore, TECHNĒ does not aim to be “another” clothing collection, but the application of a possible new fashion system, in a future where unexpected networks of professionals and companies create hybridization processes for the fashion industry, blurring the boundaries between physical and digital.

A new kind of dialogue emerged between the designer’s vision, the digital maker’s innovative mind, the industrial world and the craftsman’s skill. In a moment when everything is carelessly duplicated and synthesized, the combined work of mind, hands and machines can turn the spotlight on the precious, hidden resources inside the Italian territory.

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