Velaskello is a furnishing accessory inspired by the Torre Velasca, designed by SuperForma in 2020.
Velaskello represents a new metaphor of rebirth for a craft production rooted in the territory, community and eco-sustainable. Velaskello has been burdened with multiple symbolic functions that bring the experience to the level of reflection given the need to act in the "here and now".

Velaskello was created to turn on a beacon with respect to a little speculated theme: the life cycle of PLA, a material widely used in additive manufacturing. Furthermore, it was designed to emphasize the importance of rethinking design in an environmentally friendly way. In fact, Velaskello in addition to being a stool made entirely of recycled PLA, has been designed so that it doesn’t need supports and doesn’t produce waste, thus it can be defined as a zero waste interior design product.
Velaskello also offers its contribution on an imaginative level by forcing reflection on new possible ways of living.

Starting from the conception of this project, SuperForma didn’t set itself the limit of playing only a sensitizing function, but intended to experiment with a proactive function, generating imaginaries that favor and encourage the formation of systems that can be organized through a type of circular economy.

Velaskello aims to raise awareness of the use of PLA, the practice of recycling and the design of forms that transform production into zero waste. From an aesthetic point of view, it aims to enhance the manufacturing process typical of digital craftsmanship through evident layers, this processing method highlights details and imperfections created during printing and due to the material used which is alive in the creation phase, making One of a kind Velaskello.

Furthermore, each Velaskello carries with it the traces of the previous one, triggering a common thread that makes up the historical heritage which can be traced back through the tracing of the colors used. It becomes possible to rethink product and process design with a view to efficiency as well as the choice of raw materials, favoring simple designs with less use of components and the reuse of recycled raw materials. In fact, by replacing virgin raw materials with recycled material, through local recycling initiatives, upcycling processes are created that promote a more sustainable production system and consumption.

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