We are designers and experts in digital manufacturing.

We are a studio specialised in digital fabrication.

Siamo progettisti che uniscono tecnologia, design e artigianato digitale specializzati in stampa 3d, prototipazione e stampa 3d ceramica.
We encourage and promote sustainable development of technologies with circular economy processes.
Thanks to our know-how in the field of digital fabrication technologies, we can guide you through the best choices and support you in the design process.

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We don't keep everything to ourselves.
We teach you what we know.

We like to communicate to others and convey what we know how to do. Our courses are aimed at professionals and companies.

If you don't try, you don't know. Even with just one day in the workshop, you can discover a new passion.

We believe that talent should be nurtured from the very beginning. We work closely with vocational training institutions.


Let’s make recyclable recycled.

Lame di un granulatore mentre riciclano pezzi di PLA derivati da scarti della stampa 3d.

When traditional recycling does not work, the action to be taken is to actively seek alternative solutions.
We are committed to recycling our own and the network's 3d printing waste.


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