Conifera is a lightweight architectural installation consisting of 700 eco-sustainable bio-plastic modules, manufactured by 3D printing.

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Conceived by French architect Arthur Mamou-Mani in collaboration with COSon the occasion of Fuorisalone 2019 at Palazzo Isimbardi, Conifera is a journey between architecture and nature: it shows how eco-sustainable materials can create the buildings of the future, when combined with parametric design and processed with 3D printing. The installation integrates design and planning, creating a direct connection between the creative process and technology.
We advised on the design of the modules and their manufacture in coordination with the Wasp-Hubs of VeniceMacerata and London.

The architecture is built with 3D printed bricks made of bio-plastic composed of vinegar, glycerine and corn alternating with modules made of wood from the coniferous tree. Everything is designed to be sustainable and with minimum waste, using as little material as possible: even the joints are made of bio-plastic.